'Chive Cast 50: Han and the Sugar Balls

Skye and Steve hit their silver anniversary with a ‘Chive Cast dedicated to Han Bespin, who is simultaneously the ultimate cowboy and kind of a wus. Trevor the Tweeter Dooder sits in in the round table to tell us whats up on the forums and about some weird stuff he likes. Randy joins in for the first ever 1 dollar vlix market watch game. Plus, we spend an awful lot of time talking about British Sugar Balls. All this and a ton more on the 50th Vintage Pod!


The SWCA Podcast 49: Dengar and the Mystery of the Woodchuck's Cave

This month’s podcast comes a little late and at just the right time as we discuss Dengar, review Plastic Galaxy, talk about a newish dental website, talk about some found first shots and have Ron Salvatore explain Carbalon. Then its Story Time wherein we here the tale entitled “The Mystery of the Woodchuck’s Cave” and learn how Ron, Todd and “Fluffy” uncovered the Micro Collection molds nearly 15 years ago in Cincinnati.

All that, plus a new-fangled market watch and the Star Tot Dengar Caption Give-a-way on this month’s Vintage Pod!


'Chive Cast 48: Body Parts, Ugnaughts and What-Nots

The SWCA Podcast 48: Body parts, Ugnaughts and What-Nots

We start our 7th season and 4th year of the ‘Chive Cast with an upbeat issue dedicated to the Ugnaught.

We chat with Brian Stillman about his just released documentary, Plastic Galaxy, we talk about body parts with Yehuda and the have a general discussion on the status of prototype collecting. Skye unleashes extra poetry and Steve’s unloved item has 38% extra Steve-ness.

We have most of our usual features along with the new forum report, by Trevor the Tweeter-Dooder. All this and some more on the 48th Vintage Pod

– Don’t forget to listen to the feedback section in order to learn how to win Star Tots! –

'Chive Cast 47: Minch the Grinch (Yoda)

\'Chive Cast 47: Minch the Grinch (Yoda)

Come and get “Thurned” on this month’s ironically long chive cast featuring Yoda Collector, Martin Thurn. He talks to us about the Star Wars Collectors’ Bible, the first SW collector magazine that he edited and several little known areas of collecting such as license plates and gift cards. Skye also interviews Mattias and gets to the bottom of the ToyToni scandal. All this plus the meaning of Minch and Princess Leia having “congress” with an alien and a mummy on the 47th Vintage Pod.

The SWCA Podcast 46: The One with the Rick Springfield Interview

The Rick Springfield Interview!

Forget the Palitoy blues for awhile and listen to Skye’s interview with Star Wars Celebrity Super Collector Rick Springfield on the latest ‘Chive Cast. We talk about his custom made Vader, Sandcrawlers on the rack, Head Man, Mr. D and MUCH more.

Some Palitoy Images to Contemplate

If you are following the vintage hobby you have probably heard about the huge Palitoy conspiracy that maybe thousands of cardbacks and figures are fake.

Here is a gallery of the examples that I have of post 45 B Palitoy Chewbaccas that are in question.

45 C
65 D
Unused 65 D Cardback
65 D Miscard with Vader (and inked)
65 D Miscard with Madine

None of these came directly from ToyToni, though I assume that the 65 D and the 65 D Cardback came from him. I have a German that came directly from him, but it does not seem necessary to post.

So, do you see any tell tale signs of malfeasance?

'Chive Cast 45: The Strike Breaking Security Guard

\'Chive Cast 45: The Strike Breaking Security Guard

This months ‘Chive Cast starts with an earth shattering announcement. Then, we invite our guest editors, the Archivist Tommy Garey and the Holy Ghost Ron Salvatore, to sit at the Space Chess Roundtable.

They help us discuss the so-called “ most useless figure ever” Asian Security Guard.“ We also somehow wind up talking about Northern Renaissance wood carving; Sienese art; Tommy gives a vocab lesson on RASSCV, Ron tells us of a tale of a trip to a Kenner sculptor’s place; unloved signs of unknown origin; the hidden labor relations on Cloud city; a totally known production nugget. We also feature the return of Kenner Commercial theater. and have several Skye-Kus and Jenk-us.

Finally, Mike Ritter talks about the Rancho Obi-Wan visit. There is somehow even more on this months mega Vintage Pod.

'Chive Cast 44: Radar Boy Rebel Soldier

This month Skye and Steve talk about the Radar Boy Rebel Soldier with his biggest fan, Broc Walker. We react to Rancho’s renewed reign, uncirculated glue, we talk about Gentle Giants continued awesomeness, we learn “Repro-10” hard copies, and we contemplate how to make a Womans Day Hoth set with “Personnel launcher.” We also have a new debate about un-american toys and a market watch with POTF and Rebel Soldiers.

The SWCA Podcast 44: Radar Boy Rebel Soldier

'Chive Cast 43: Lousy Late Summer Show

\'Chive Cast 43: Lousy Late Summer Show

This month is a totally different and completely polyvocal podcast. There is no figure or collectible at the center of this show. Rather, it is about two amazing Collector Events from the summer. We went to Germany and Seattle and all you got was this lousy podcast!

First, Skye and Steve talk about their sojourn in Seattle for the International Collectors Event. They conduct interviews in the “Stitch Studio” from the heart of the Bobacabana and talk about the absolutely amazing meeting of friends and collector colleagues.

Then, Chris Georgoulias takes us to Essen Germany to the “room sales” from Celebration Europe 2. We get a lot of international input and “Wampa! Wampa!” cheers from Germans, Brits, Swedes, Danes, Spaniards, Frenchmen, Mexicans, Americans, Canadians and a disguised Australian.

Come with us as we take you there on this months ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod!

The SWCA Podcast 42: Snowtroopers in July

The SWCA Podcast 42: Snowtroopers in July

This month’s upbeat ‘Chive Cast features interviews with Snowtrooper expert Michael Mensinger and the benevolent grump of the hobby, John Alvarez. Steve says the dorkiest thing he has ever said, Skye opens up and rambles on and we get positively sacrilegious at one point.

We talk celebrations and collector clubs, mini-rig mock ups, 30,000 dollar 12 backs and R2 and 3P_ offer to help you with your hygiene and tell you how to stay away from bad habits. You will learn about YPS and why Blue Stars has yellow eyes. All this plus a bonus Skye-Ku on this month’s Chive Cast!

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