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Welcome to the ‘Chive Cast! In this episode Skye Paine and Stephen B. Danley discuss the newest news in the oldest toys:

  • Celebration V
  • Hasbro’s New ‘Vintage’ Figures (from a Vintage Perspective)
  • The Stairlight Phenomenon
  • The Newest Jawa Site

Along with our usual features: Market Watch, Nugget from the Archive, and the Yak To My Face Interview with the worlds number one B-Wing Collector.

Check it out and give us your opinions in the comment section, send us an email chivecast(at) gmail.com

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Jason’s Site

The Thread on Grant’s Stairlight

The Thread on Skye’s Stairlight

The Thread on Don’s Stairlight

The Unproduced Revenge 6-Pack on the Archive

Now 20 Percent Louder!

In our second episode we discuss: Vintage in ToyFare magazine, Hobby Politics and the newly discovered French Vinyl Cape Jawa. We also interview Swedish supercollector Mattias Rendhal. In addition, we have our regular features such as the the Nugget from the Archive, and the first ever Deb8-D8 about the

(Length, 1 hour and 20 minutes)

an audio glitch put a bit of dead air at 19:45, but the show resumes at 20:15.

Please listen to it here, or, download it on iTunes. (Also, subscribe on iTunes, give it a 5 star rating, and leave a positive comment)


In our third episode we discuss: Vader Limelights, Collector Clubs, Sick Cows and coins galore. We also interview the world’s last standing Stormtrooper Collector, Don “Oceans 11” Raskin. In addition, we have our regular features such as the the Nugget from the Archive, Vintage vocab and a spirited Deb 8-D8 in which we declare the existence of the Asian Bespin Security Guard.

Enjoy, and Wampa Wampa!



Sisse’s Vader Limelight

Darth Daddius’ Vader Limeligt

Mortar Heads Website

The Making of a Coin

The 4th Chive Cast for May

In this episode you space freaks are given a look back to the good old days. Collecting before internet, and playing before middle school. Have a listen, and be sure to call us with your own nostalgic stories of collecting and childhood.


Galactic Empire State of Mind

Rhapsody Commercial Mentions the word “Vintage”

Dax’s Stormy

Billy-Boy Badness

Javi’s Collection

The Toy Shop Scrapbook

Duncan’s Entry on the Bubble Bath

Tom’s “I grew up Star Wars site


In this month’s episode:
-Celebration 5 give aways are announced.
– Steve learns the truth about his role in the show, CV, and Lew Alcindor.
-LoBarth comes out from behind the curtain and co-hosts.
-We interview Gus Lopez about his new book and a wind-up 3PO
-We debate the U Grade (again)
-Attempt to receive feedback

Wampa Wampa

Konichi-Wampa! Chive Cast Turns Japanese

In July’s podcast Steve is in California and Skye is in Tokyo. Together they discuss more Celebration 5 news and go into some detail on Vintage Star Wars Japanese Collectibles: Regular features such as Market Watch, Nugget from the Archive, and Vintage Vocab take on a decidedly Japanese flavor. In addition, Skye interviews the owner of Star Case, Katagiri Yu, and one of the world’s most knowledgeable Japanese experts, Eimei Takeda.

You will learn a lot from the interview.

Day in the life of an At-At

All the Cool Stuff’s 30th Anniversary ESB Special

Funky 70s Ads

Cali-Collectors’ Blog

Nugget from the Archive

Wonderful Panasonic Article

Equally Wonderful Japanese Coca-Cola Article

Tom’s Hagoromo Ad “Sea Chicken!”

Part 1 of Steve and Skye’s Celebration 5 round up. In this episode we discuss general collecting news and give our LIVE report from the “Saigon Cantina Sales.” There is about a minute of dead air 17 minutes in, but that is due to computer malfuction. Tune in next month for the rest of our CV coverage.

\'Chive Cast Episode 7: Celebration Vintage (Part One)

Steve and Skye somehow manage to make an episode despite the busiest month in their lives.

We talk about the scandals that have rocked the collecting world and continue with our CV coverage.


Links to the archive’s Headman

Skye and Steve speak further on the scandals that have rocked the vintage Star Wars collecting hobby, tell a a tale of 2 Steves, and discuss an A-Wing nugget. Both Rick Springfield and Celebration 5 make encore appearances.

Plus, C-3P0 goes under some strange transformations.


Enjoy some vintage-style chatter for your Thanksgiving travels. Artists Peter Ferk and Bill Cable discuss their vintage related art. Skye manages to insult a few more sci-fi franchises and Steve heads a top 10 list. Plus, a Celebration 5 floor report, an other-Podcast roundup, and a an analysis of Ewok fire safety.


3PO in a Battle Poncho

Curl up by the fire and enjoy this extra long ‘Chive Cast. Steve and Skye are joined by the infamous LoBarth to talk about useless Tie Bombers, 1980 Toy Fair, and many other things.



Jordan Story

Nugget from the 1908 Toy Fair Part One

And Part Two

Tracey’s Limelight

Weezer Story

Give-a-show on YouTube

Feedback on 10th Episode

Feedback on the Gunnery


Chive Cast Episode 12: One Year Birthday Feature Bonanza

The vintage Star Wars toy podcast celebrates one year of podcasting. Join Steve, Skye, and special guests they look back on a whole year of Wampa-Wamposity. We manage to shoehorn every single one of our features into one episode. From Nuggets to Tours, it is all here. LoBarth, Broc, and Matthias all show up to chat.


This months Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast features a long and informative interview with Canadian super collector, Scott Bradley. Skye and Steve chat about Luke, in the first of our 12 back series, and we discuss inter-species love between Wicket and Cheer-Bear.


Listen to the show Below: (Also check out on iTunes)

Show Links:
U-Grading Vehicles.
Bill’s Vicious (and Funny) UGrade Comic Series
B-Wing Pilot: Too Lame To Fake
Humble Burger King Glass Nugget Another Great Canadian Star Wars Site

Show Photos:

Skye and Steve introduce two new features and discuss Leia and Saint Patricks day. No Joes were available to comment on their new TriLogo sites or Bootleg collections, but LoBarth lets us know about our growing audience, Aaron takes us to his fireworks factory, and we have an extensive interview with triple threat Bruce W.


Steve and Skye explain why R2D2 may not be a lady, interview the vintage R2 Master (Mike Ritter) and cover all the news in the Vintage Star Wars Collectible community. Also featuring a long (!) interview with Bootleg Overlord, Joe Yglesias and a newly revamped Wampa (rhymes with Tampa) line.

Did you know about the lost Uzay? You will…in this months ‘Chive Cast!


Direct Feed here

This month with LINKS!:
Gus and Duncan’s Comprehensive guide

Gus and Duncan’s Prototype (go buy it!)

Angry Video Game Nerd Video (VERY Explicit)

Interview with Shane

John Booth’s Nostalgia Podcast

Plaid Stallion’s Awesome Site with Vintage Toy Stores

This Month’s Nugget

Direct Link to Mp3 File

How does a focus collector think? This months podcast answers that question with the “Mega-Yak to my face” segment. It features a 5 interviews with Chewbacca collectors from around the world who share their opinion on collecting Wookiee.

Skye also lets himself go wild pondering the questions of alien rights and 17th century French Philosophy. Steve drops some market watch and there is a whole new kind of Nugget. A great feedback section spreads love to electric toothbrushes and we learn why Bootleg collectors should support a particular hockey team.

All this and even more on the May Star Wars Collectors’ Archive Podcast.

Show Links:

The Chewbacca Museum

Locks of Love Video

La Bruyère’s “Of Fashion” from 1688

Kokomo Toys

New Polish Bootleg Site

Scott’s Excellent Canadian Website (that I robbed last month!)

'Chive Cast for June 2011

This month we cover all things vintage 3P0 and Lobarth joins in on the conversation. Vintage Vocab explains the alphabet soup of the 20 back and we wind up talking a lot about carrying cases. We even have a new feature “Unloved Item of the Month.”

Thread about 20 Back L

Denys Fisher set…

and another Denys Fisher set!

Real 20 Back Thread

UNLOVED: Rifle Case

Carry Case Nugget

Click Here to Hear the Direct Link to the Show

From beer cans to mushroom tips to bootleg Halloween buckets, Steve and Skye explore everything Vader. Features a long form interview with Super Vader Collector Bill McBride. We also cover the Sith market, share a nugget, show some love to Vader Hair Care, talk about Jedi Knight kits and cover most of our other usual features.


Bwana Figures at SDCC

Leia Hoth Pin! Go buy one!

Darth Daddius’ Collection

The Darthenon Collection

Sisse’s Vaders

Shawn’s Awesome Vintage Site

Burger Chef Ad

Bill’s Incomparable Vader Site

Vader Beer Thread

July 4th Reference in Wookiee Story Book

This Month’s Nugget

This Month’s Unloved Vintage Item

Great Ewok Cel Site

Skye and Steve delve into the world of vintage Stormtroopers. An interview with former Super Stormy collector John Wooten shows how a complete proof run used to be completed. We talk about a huge auction, an unloved immobilization hood and tackle a tricky piece of feedback.

John Wooten’s Proofs that are discussed at length

Plastic Galaxy Movie

Boba Fisher Auction Photos

Boba Fisher Video

Tommy’s C4 Archive

POTF Limelight

Troop Transport

Black Hole Stormy

\'Chive Cast 19: Stormtrooper Stick\'em Up

\'Chive Cast 20: Weirdos, nObi-Wan and Patient Friends

Steve and Skye chat with the infamous Chris Georgoulias about the Boba Fisher auction. They finally hook up with Brian about his upcoming movies about vintage Star Wars collecting hobby. Obi-Wan is surprisingly underrepresented but he livens up a sweet clothy nugget. Skye uncovers the TRUE meaning of Celebration VI.

Jim’ll Fix it (then accuse heroes of eating children) Video
Cable’s Pictures from Dragon Con with Steve and Skye’s future Hot Hoth Costume
Outstanding Strange Star Wars Blog
Plastic Galaxy Movie in Progress
Jarrod’s wonderful world of Ewoks
Prototype Obi-Wan Clothing Nugget
Slightly Unloved “Action” Playset

\'Chive Cast 21\" The Inner Circle Exposed!!!

In this month’s ‘Chive Cast Steve and Skye discuss inclusion, exclusion…and hair. Han is the center of this episode but so is the vintage get together at the NY Comic Con.

•We have a new lightning style question, and go back to Joe’s to see a whole mess of bootlegs. Steve has a 2 headed market watch and a special feature on mock ups.

•We give a hoot about give-a-show and provide the first ever nude photos of Skye and Steve.

•I believe that we break the record for saying “Georgoulias” in a podcast. How many times do we say it? Only if you listen can you count.

Andy’s Toy Cave
James’ Toy Heaven
Jedi Arena Commercial on YouTube
Lili Ledy 12 Inch from AMOK Find
AMAZING Give-a-show Website
Archive Give-a-Show Write-Up
Give-a-nugget Show
Missing Toy’s Thread w/Uzays

Inner Circle Thread

\'Chive Cast 22: Million Dollar Jawa

Skye and Steve got Jawas on the Brain. Scary, vinyl caped and sometimes tall. Jason West drops some ootinni knowledge in his interview and tries out some of the NEW lightning questions. We also discuss the concept of the “Million Dollar Mentality” in Star Wars collecting. Ron stops by to tell the ominous tale of VJB. Wampa!

VJB Threads

Trouble Afoot
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Brooks
More VJB Madness from the Usenet Days
“New” thread on VJB
Apparently, this set does not exist!
Jawa Scrump’s Stairlight
Priceless Yahoo Thread
R. Springfield Update
Link to the Gus Nugget of Proof Cards

‘Chive Cast 23Direct Link

This month focuses on the ever shifting nomads of the Tatooine desert. Call them Tusken, call them Sand People, just don’t call them Shirley.

Will Grief tells us of his AMAZING find in story time and even turns the tables on Skye and Steve by asking his own Lightning questions.

Have a listen and remember to always walk in single file to hide your numbers.

Bruce’s Amazing Black Velvet Art. (BUY ONE NOW)
Famous Scammer on Storage Wars
(One of his famous Scams)
Mattias Shows off his new Displays
Other Reflect on the Year
Todd and Will’s Discovery
Skye’s Son imitates the Tuskens


\'Chive Cast 25: Greedo First Shot

In this months episode we kick off the third season of with a focus on Greedo and the late stage of toy pre-production known as the First Shot. Why? Cuz…han shot first, but Greedo first shot! Chris Georgoulias tells us all there is to know about this interesting prototype phase. We also interview the guru of Modern Toy Collecting Dan Curto to learn about the state of Hasbro’s Vintage collection and what is coming next. Wait, what did he say about the vintage themed Celebration VI exclusive? Steve drops a Market Watch, Skye rants about being a better fan-boy, unloved Palitoy print ads get some love and our feedback unearths previously unknown vintage comic art from the Netherlands. All this and more on the ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod!

Proof Card Discussion
Article on Tim Mee Toys
Thievery Foiled!
This Month’s Nugget
Greedo Coming Soon!

\'Chive Cast 26: Hammerhead Coyote and Celebration VI

On this month’s Vintage Pod Gus Lopez unveils exclusive information about several Celebration VI Events.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Also in this months issue, with special guest Broc Walker, Skye and Steve question the very existence and Athletic ambitions of Hammerhead. Other topics include 20 Back Offerless Rarity and the new quantification of the Yellow Bubble diasese. We define “Spray-ops” in our vintage vocab section, talk about unloved Jungle Gyms and Blueprint Nugget. The market watch discusses proofs that sell for too little and graded toys that sell for too much. All this and the meaning of the word “Wampus” on this months Chive Cast Vintage Pod!

\'Chive Cast Vintage Pod 27: WalrusMania and Smoosh Face

Skye and Steve break the “enhanced barrier” for the first time in their podcasting career. This episode tackles the wonderful world of Walrus man and his newly renamed friend.

Skye unveils more details about the mega Archive Party at Celebration 6.
We discuss the debunking of several rarity mythys and introduce “the francis”

Vocab and nugget sections tackle molds and unloved AM radios make us dream.

Todd Chamberlain drops by for a trip down memory lane discussing the biggest ever Star Wars display auction from 1993 in Las Vegas.

Our market watch and feedback sections round out the rest of the show with a special remix from a forgettable prequel moment.

All this in one of the longest ‘Chive casts of all time. Grab your mansuits everybody, its one of the longest ‘chive casts of all time


Brad’s Awesome New Chewbacca Blog

Rare or not? Thread
Walrus Man Concept Custom Thread
The Francis
Silicone Mold Nugget and Vocab
Unloved AM Radio Headset
Las Vegas 1993 Auction of Displays
Best Star Wars Viral Video Ever

\'Chive Cast Vintage Pod 28: A Tale of Two Tooggles

On this month of the ‘Chive Cast vintage pod Steve and Skye discuss:
-Two different kinds of A Snaggletooth known as Tooggle who may or may not be the Incredible Hulk,
-Celebration VI News like the 5 exclusives that are part of the Official SW Collectors Archive Party,
-We Share some vintage YouTube clips featuring some awesome mustaches, sketchy Jawas and the dark prince of lies,
-A Bluesnag Blueprint Nugget
– We unveil a new Segment. The Imperial Gunnery International Oddball Items of the month.
-In our vocab section we talk about the dented boot
-Detail the “Not for sale francis Trade”
All this and more on the 28th Vintage Pod!

Collector Showcase
Pryor’s Star Wars Bar
Great Vintage Fan Video

[podcast format=”video”]http://theswca.com/podcast/chive_cast_28.m4a[/podcast]

Find the Show here.
Vintage Pod 29: Luke X-Wing over the Thames

On this month’s remote location Vintage Pod:

– Skye attacks one of our best listeners

-The Luke X-Wing figure is praised and ridiculed

-We talk more about the Archive Party at Celebration VI

– We have a surprise interview with Chris Georgoulias, the orchestrator of the

Collector Track Star Tot Giveaways.

-We also interviews John Ragusa at the Imperial Gunnery to discuss good and bad board mojo

– We finally throw another brick through a window as Joe Yglesias brings back the bootleg.

-Crazy bad coin design nugget and a scandalous unloved item that may land skye in Jail or on a federal watchlist.

-More oddities from Europe and market watch is officially divided into two parts.

-In the feedback section we solve the riddle of whether or not Skye is a commercial actor.

All this and somehow more in your slightly late June ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod!


Brisbane/Brisbane Mike’s amazing Market Watch Page
Buy Tickets for the Archive Party Here
Buy Gus and Duncan’s Guide to Prototypes for the BEST Star Tots Images
Dan Curto and James Burns’ Collector Cast, Have a listen if you like the new stuff and/or Steve Sansweet
An Exclusive interview with Steve and Skye
Our Sponsor for this month
Lee’s Limelight


[podcast format=”video”]http://theswca.com/podcast/chive_cast_29.m4a[/podcast]

Vintage Pod 30 (Classic): R5D4 – The Fatality Droid

Vintage Pod 30 (Enhanced): R5D4 – The Fatality Droid

In this months Chive Cast vintage pod
Steve and Skye muse on the unexpected importance of R5D4
We talk more about Celebration VI news, we discuss Gus and Duncan’s new book, Peruvian discoveries, Seth McFarlane’s movie and we submit the all new Top-5 segment for your approval.

What are your top 5 Star Wars figures of all time?

We interview R5 aficionado Alex Bickmore and he tells us what it is like collecting this robot and all about his surprisingly high midichlorian rate. We take a trip to the outer-realm and learn about cantina and R5 bootlegs with Joe Yglesias.

Our unloved item makes the parallel between R2D2 and Rebecca Black. All this and somehow more on the ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod!!!

All the CVI Giveaways
Learn about Zephee
Basa Discovery
Bruce’s Show
R5 Silkscreen Nugget
Unloved Invitations
Dewbak Commercial
BB Mike’s R5 Market Blog

[podcast format=”video”]http://theswca.com/podcast/chive_cast_30_enhanced.m4a[/podcast]

Vintage Pod 31: Enhanced
Vintage Pod 31: Classic

Recorded in front of a live studio audience on the first day of Celebration VI, this is part one of the the Chive Cast Vintage Pod’s Convention Double Mega Cast. We should be talking about the Death Star Droid, but we have too much else to say about getting lost in Orlando, late night sales and our 5 least favorite toys. You will have to wait until next months episode to hear our monthly features, but we have some special interviews here.

We have a vintage vocab chat with Tommy Garvey about Micro Collection 4-Ups, we yak to Lee Bullock’s face about 12” Large size action figures and we take a world tour with Joe to explore what Turkey was like during the time of UZAY.

As the drunken 501st member informs us…its all about the WARS!

Vintage Pod 31: Classic

Vintage Pod 31: Enhnaced

Vintage Pod 32: CVI Part 2 (Enhanced)

Vintage Pod 32: CVI Part 2 (Classic)

In part two of our Celebration VI coverage Skye and Steve talk about the archive party and a Star Wars haircut. We talk Jawa proofs with Jason and about the art of discovering and buying an item at the same time with Andy. The sound quality is a bit rough, and most of the room sale audio was lost, but in it Steve unveils a new nugget from his collection. He also lets us know his secret middle name. We feature two unloved items and our market watch is taken exclusively from data collected at the convention. All this and no baseball talk, on the ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod.

Vintage Pod 33: Gonkenstein (Classic)
Vintage Pod 33: Gonkenstein (Enhanced)

This month’s Chive Cast Vintage Pod covers Angry early birds, French exhibits, Celebration VI wrap up, vintage in Clone wars and collecting club news

We learn about Australian POTFs, French absurdist advertising and the amazingly unloved fun poncho.

Our figure of the month is the Power Droid, The Modern Prometheus (from a long time ago) who is packing heat in our nugget. A hot hot hot interview with How High is the Water Bob Steffey tells us what it means to collect the gonk.

Market watch features some insanely high priced 3packs and Vlixesses. Or vlixei.

-Finally, Skye interview Jeff from Jeffs Collectible Empire to talk buying collections, collecting American Production Items, John Kellerman’s master work and why skye has been a snobby jerk.

All this and somehow more with the ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod.

[podcast format=”video”]http://theswca.com/podcast/chive_cast_33rd_episode_enhanced.m4a[/podcast]

Vintage Pod 34: Disney and Fett (Enhanced)

Vintage Pod 34: Disney and Fett (Classic)

November’s ‘Chive Cast vintage pod is unlike any other! The recent news of Disney buying Lucasfilm and new Star Wars movies was too big for Steve and Skye to handle alone so we called in the big guns and created a roundtable of vintage Star Wars star collectors from the Star Wars Collectors Archive, Gus Lopez, Chris Georgoulias, Ron Salvatore and Tommy Garvey.

We talk about the potential ramifications of the new movies on the market, discuss what it means to become disneyfied and reminisce about the mid 1990s.

But that is not all! We keep the roundtable around to talk about the figure of the month… none other than Boba Fett himself. You ever curious how the Rocket Fett got its name? How many of them are there? How they became worth in excess of 20 thousand dollars? About how they were discovered in Cincinnati What is a j-slot? We also have a bi-nugget and a multi-factorial unloved section: candy heads, underoos and cake pans oh my!

All this plus as much Dash Rendar, Sio Bibble and Dr. Allen Grant news as you can take on the ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod.

Rocket Fett Art
12″ Johnston Based Art
Macabre Artifacts of the “Toy Death”

Vintage Pod 35 (Enhanced)
Vintage Pod 35 (Classic)

In this months issue we talk about about Bossk and his amazingly impractical fashion sense. Also, we chat about Hanukkah Rancors vintage furbys unloved dop kits and explain the meaning of olive heads, 31 backs and PPL. Our market watch shows how to put together a near complete Bossk focus for under $1,000. Our nugget features a call to the great Wookiee killer himself, Ron Salvatore, to discuss a Hard Copy and a captivating Mini-Rig.

New features include “Rugby Betting” and “Steve Filps the Script.” All this plus the news we didn’t get to last month in the Star Wars Collectors Archive Vintage Podcast.

Vintage Pod 36 (Enhanced)

Vintage Pod 36 (Classic)
Join Skye and Steve as they begin their fourth year of broadcasting the Vintage Pod! The mysteriously motivated IG-88 is our figure of the month and he is discussed at length, especially in his 12″ form. We feature an unloved boardgame and talk about new books, new podcasts, old patents, old photographs and a couple of foreign limelights.

For the first time ever, Fratastic Pete and Brisbane/Brisbane Mike join the show to have an interview and a market watch directly from the researchers themselves.

All this and the definitive Rugby bet on the ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod 36!

The SWCA Vintage Pod 37 (Classic): Muppet-Show Luke and the Great Toy Caper

The SWCA Vintage Pod 37 (Enhanced) : Muppet-Show Luke and the Great Toy Caper

Skye and Steve open this months issue with 35-year-old breaking news about the ’77 Early Bird Set; spend much time discussing Luke’s ESB fashion sense and the huge UZAY bootleg discovery; Skye interviews Star Wars Podcasting Legend Jimmy Mac and Fanboys director Kyle Newman in our longest interview ever!

Plus, Chris Georgoulias explains “box flats” and toy shop scrapbooks in our vocab; we limelight Bespin Luke foci new and old; and our unloved item is filled with fragile banks. All this and somehow more on the Star Wars Collectors Archive Vintage Pod!

The SWCA Vintage Pod 38 (enhanced) : Han Hoth Roundtable (on a speed boat)

The SWCA Vintage Pod 38 (classic) : Han Hoth Roundtable (on a speed boat)

In this months Vintage pod we have a renamed roundtable featuring Sithsonian Curator and Star Wars completist Duncan Jenkins. He tells us about Aqua Fun and how to rock 20 iron-on shirts at once. We are also joined Han-Hoth collector and 12back.com webmaster CJ Fawcett, who teaches us the meaning of the words Molded-Legs, SKU, Soft Copy and Rubber.

Plus the origin of Gonk and Mysterious Mystery Boxes on this months Chive Cast Vintage Pod!

The SWCA Vintage Pod 39 (enhanced) : The Mysterious Baron Lando
The SWCA Vintage Pod 39 (classic) : The Mysterious Baron Lando

Mysteries abound in this month’s Vintage Pod where Lando takes center stage and Skye and Steve reinvest in the quality and energy of the show. We welcome Broc and the elusive LoBarth to the space chess table and talk about Baron Calrissian collectibles, Dogatuna figures, Start Tots, Fake Fetts and call Micro Rob Amantea to learn about fake 4-Ups by the “Basement Bounty” hunters.

Plus many of our most popular features and a the new “Skye-Ku.” All this and a little more on the April ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod!

The SWCA Podcast 40: Milanese Leia on the Catwalk (Enhanced)
The SWCA Podcast 40: Milanese Leia on the Catwalk (Classic)

Its a loosey goosey Vintage Pod as Skye and Steve are joined by black velvet artist, tattoo artist, and Leia enthusiast Bruce White. We talk all about Leia and her Milan-ready Bespin Gown; unloved puffy stickers; and nugget fashion drawings. We talk about the “earlyretiree” auctions and the Plastic Galaxy movement.

We also unveil a new exciting art project and some more polls.

Loveliest Leia?

View Results

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Hansomest Han?

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

Finally, Skye also gets a little too creative at times with his post-production in order to compensate for his relative lack of work in pre-production.

What should we name the show?

View Results

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The SWCA Vintage Pod 41 (enhanced) : FX-7 Will Save You!

The SWCA Vintage Pod 41 (classic) : FX-7 Will Save You!

In this month’s insanely late ‘Chive Cast Skye and Steve are joined by Doctor Grief and Perthian Mark Salotti to discuss FX-7. We chat about unproduced mock-ups, Presto Magix and unveil the new “Kenner Commercial Theater” feature. Plus lots of fun, appropriate and inappropriate stories about Grails under a dollar and Men of Steel. Our market watch features many international items over 5 grand and Skye somehow just learns about the existence of PDT-8. All this and way, way less on the star wars collectors archive podcast.

The SWCA Podcast 42: Snowtroopers in July

This month’s upbeat ‘Chive Cast features interviews with Snowtrooper expert Michael Mensinger and the benevolent grump of the hobby, John Alvarez. Steve says the dorkiest thing he has ever said, Skye opens up and rambles on and we get positively sacrilegious at one point.

We talk celebrations and collector clubs, mini-rig mock ups, 30,000 dollar 12 backs and R2 and 3P_ offer to help you with your hygiene and tell you how to stay away from bad habits. You will learn about YPS and why Blue Stars has yellow eyes. All this plus a bonus Skye-Ku on this month’s Chive Cast!

What should we call vintage Star Wars figures that were distibuted outside of the United States?

View Results

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Please post your justification in the comment thread.

\'Chive Cast 43: Lousy Late Summer Show

This month is a totally different and completely polyvocal podcast. There is no figure or collectible at the center of this show. Rather, it is about two amazing Collector Events from the summer. We went to Germany and Seattle and all you got was this lousy podcast!

First, Skye and Steve talk about their sojourn in Seattle for the International Collectors Event. They conduct interviews in the “Stitch Studio” from the heart of the Bobacabana and talk about the absolutely amazing meeting of friends and collector colleagues.

Then, Chris Georgoulias takes us to Essen Germany to the “room sales” from Celebration Europe 2. We get a lot of international input and “Wampa! Wampa!” cheers from Germans, Brits, Swedes, Danes, Spaniards, Frenchmen, Mexicans, Americans, Canadians and a disguised Australian.

Come with us as we take you there on this months ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod!

This month Skye and Steve talk about the Radar Boy Rebel Soldier with his biggest fan, Broc Walker. We react to Rancho’s renewed reign, uncirculated glue, we talk about Gentle Giants continued awesomeness, we learn “Repro-10” hard copies, and we contemplate how to make a Womans Day Hoth set with “Personnel launcher.” We also have a new debate about un-american toys and a market watch with POTF and Rebel Soldiers.

The SWCA Podcast 44: Radar Boy Rebel Soldier

\'Chive Cast 45: The Strike Breaking Security Guard

This months ‘Chive Cast starts with an earth shattering announcement. Then, we invite our guest editors, the Archivist Tommy Garey and the Holy Ghost Ron Salvatore, to sit at the Space Chess Roundtable.

They help us discuss the so-called “ most useless figure ever” Asian Security Guard.“ We also somehow wind up talking about Northern Renaissance wood carving; Sienese art; Tommy gives a vocab lesson on RASSCV, Ron tells us of a tale of a trip to a Kenner sculptor’s place; unloved signs of unknown origin; the hidden labor relations on Cloud city; a totally known production nugget. We also feature the return of Kenner Commercial theater. and have several Skye-Kus and Jenk-us.

Finally, Mike Ritter talks about the Rancho Obi-Wan visit. There is somehow even more on this months mega Vintage Pod.

The Rick Springfield Interview!

Forget the Palitoy blues for awhile and listen to Skye’s interview with Star Wars Celebrity Super Collector Rick Springfield on the latest ‘Chive Cast. We talk about his custom made Vader, Sandcrawlers on the rack, Head Man, Mr. D and MUCH more.

\'Chive Cast 47: Minch the Grinch (Yoda)

Come and get “Thurned” on this month’s ironically long chive cast featuring Yoda Collector, Martin Thurn. He talks to us about the Star Wars Collectors’ Bible, the first SW collector magazine that he edited and several little known areas of collecting such as license plates and gift cards. Skye also interviews Mattias and gets to the bottom of the ToyToni scandal. All this plus the meaning of Minch and Princess Leia having “congress” with an alien and a mummy on the 47th Vintage Pod.

The SWCA Podcast 48: Body parts, Ugnaughts and What-Nots

We start our 7th season and 4th year of the ‘Chive Cast with an upbeat issue dedicated to the Ugnaught.

We chat with Brian Stillman about his just released documentary, Plastic Galaxy, we talk about body parts with Yehuda and the have a general discussion on the status of prototype collecting. Skye unleashes extra poetry and Steve’s unloved item has 38% extra Steve-ness.

We have most of our usual features along with the new forum report, by Trevor the Tweeter-Dooder. All this and some more on the 48th Vintage Pod

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This month’s podcast comes a little late and at just the right time as we discuss Dengar, review Plastic Galaxy, talk about a newish dental website, talk about some found first shots and have Ron Salvatore explain Carbalon. Then its Story Time wherein we here the tale entitled “The Mystery of the Woodchuck’s Cave” and learn how Ron, Todd and “Fluffy” uncovered the Micro Collection molds nearly 15 years ago in Cincinnati.

All that, plus a new-fangled market watch and the Star Tot Dengar Caption Give-a-way on this month’s Vintage Pod!


Skye and Steve hit their silver anniversary with a ‘Chive Cast dedicated to Han Bespin, who is simultaneously the ultimate cowboy and kind of a wus. Trevor the Tweeter Dooder sits in in the round table to tell us whats up on the forums and about some weird stuff he likes. Randy joins in for the first ever 1 dollar vlix market watch game. Plus, we spend an awful lot of time talking about British Sugar Balls. All this and a ton more on the 50th Vintage Pod!


This months Vintage Pod features both Lobot & Lobarth! We check in with David Tree at the Farthest From show in England and have Ron Salvatore update us on what is happening with the archive. Special feature has Skye breaking down the editing process. All this plus the beginning of a veritable podcast WAR on the 51st ‘chive cast!



This month has Skye getting politically incorrect, Steve revealing his penchant for animal cruelty, Ron showing his capacity to stay awake and two completely absent guests! It is our start of the Leia Hoth show and it also has a new feature with guest host, Skyera Glass on “This Vintage Life.” We talk Tots, Steamed Hams, Collector Clubs and Gaffi Sticks. This show is great…and it is only half over!


Part two of the Leia Hoth podast features new archive news; an explanation of acetate; a new story featuring Fluffy and the antagonistic Scaly; an interview with Leia Hoth collector supreme, Joe Kersavage; a maket watch; and was edited in the front seat of a Honda!

(for show pictures you should check out Episode 52)