The Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast is a monthly podcast dedicated to the collecting of vintage Star Wars toys and memorabilia.  Each episode, host Skye Paine discusses the hobby news with a rotating co-host (also known as Steve).  Other recurring features include…

•   Vintage World Tour – A guide to Star Wars toys from around the world
•   One Dollar Vlix – a market report on recent interesting sales
•   Nugget from the Archive – A featured item from worlds first Star Wars collecting website
•   Vintage Vocab – Explaining all the hobby specific words for newbies and old timers alike
•   Yak to my Face- One-on-One interviews with collectors covering  personal anecdotes, opinions and tales of   nostalgia.
•   Deb-8D8- Debating the hottest topics in vintage collecting
Like Kenner used to say, we really do care, so please send us a line.  Or, email the podcast:  chivecast(at) .  Even better, leave a comment on the blog!   This is an experiment, trying to see if the hobby really needs a podcast.


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