One thought on “Denys Grand Slam

  1. Hey Skye, Steve and Lobarth,

    Yes there are two of us Bullocks in the UK collecting the large figures – I am just the good looking one! :p

    Palitoy actually did release two 12″ figures in the UK – Luke and Leia; they seemed to share production with Denys Fisher (pronounced Dennis! ;)) with the other six being exclusively produced by Denys Fisher, Jawa and Ben being Meccano imports and Boba Fett in Kenner boxes (some distributed with palitoy stickers apparently). Interestingly the trade catalogue lists that Luke and leia were only provided in the same case (six pieces each) with the other provided in solid cases of 12 – so that may support that Palitoy shared distribution.

    Wampa Wampa!

    Lee Bullock

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