2 thoughts on “Unloved Troop Transporter

  1. Wasn’t there a special version that included stormtroopers (two?) as well? I thought this received the “Special Offer” treatment like some of the other vehicles and playsets. Thanks for talking this up, certainly one that is more obscure when compared to other Star Wars vehicles.

  2. Hi,

    I listened to your show about the Troop Transporter.
    I have one of these myself and I can still remember the day I bought it.
    There was a small novelty shop near my home in Vancouver Canada.
    It was late on in 1986 but they still had boxes full of Star Wars toys.
    Nothing special, just some carded 12 backs selling for a dollar! (Mostly Leia)
    I was getting older to the point where it was beginning to look weird to buy toys, but I wanted that Transporter for my troops. I didn’t understand the value of all the other things they were selling. Leia? I’ve already got one. It’s not like I’m going to keep it carded, right?
    Anyway, you mentioned about the audio on these vehicles not working any more.
    Mine doesn’t work either. But what most people don’t know is that vehicles like this, and the R2 and 3P0 alarm clock (which I have) have small vinyl records inside.
    So if you take these records out you can play them on a record player.
    I did this before a long time ago before the digital era. I’m hoping to pick up an analog to digital record player to make a transfer of this audio.

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