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This month focuses on the ever shifting nomads of the Tatooine desert. Call them Tusken, call them Sand People, just don’t call them Shirley.

Will Grief tells us of his AMAZING find in story time and even turns the tables on Skye and Steve by asking his own Lightning questions.

Have a listen and remember to always walk in single file to hide your numbers.

Bruce’s Amazing Black Velvet Art. (BUY ONE NOW)
Famous Scammer on Storage Wars
(One of his famous Scams)
Mattias Shows off his new Displays
Other Reflect on the Year
Todd and Will’s Discovery
Skye’s Son imitates the Tuskens


4 thoughts on “023: Tusken Reindeer

  1. Direct link doesn’t work :(
    I can access the episode by typing in the correct link, but that still don’t allow me to right-click the file….

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