\'Chive Cast Vintage Pod 27: WalrusMania and Smoosh Face

Skye and Steve break the “enhanced barrier” for the first time in their podcasting career. This episode tackles the wonderful world of Walrus man and his newly renamed friend.

Skye unveils more details about the mega Archive Party at Celebration 6.
We discuss the debunking of several rarity mythys and introduce “the francis”

Vocab and nugget sections tackle molds and unloved AM radios make us dream.

Todd Chamberlain drops by for a trip down memory lane discussing the biggest ever Star Wars display auction from 1993 in Las Vegas.

Our market watch and feedback sections round out the rest of the show with a special remix from a forgettable prequel moment.

All this in one of the longest ‘Chive casts of all time. Grab your mansuits everybody, its one of the longest ‘chive casts of all time


Brad’s Awesome New Chewbacca Blog

Rare or not? Thread
Walrus Man Concept Custom Thread
The Francis
Silicone Mold Nugget and Vocab
Unloved AM Radio Headset
Las Vegas 1993 Auction of Displays
Best Star Wars Viral Video Ever

2 thoughts on “027: WalrusMania and Smoosh Face

  1. Hello Skye and Steve, thanks for the shout out. The word ‘Skookum’ is a Chinook/Salish word meaning ‘really choice’ or ‘excellent’. I live in Vancouver Canada were we just had a Fan Expo featuring Jeremy Bulloch. We also have a really good hamburger up here called the Skookum Chief. It’s a burger that features all three meals of the day in one sandwich. You have a fried egg which is breakfast, you have a splayed wiener which is lunch, and the meat patty which is dinner. All together with Onions, lettuce, Yukon bacon, aged cheddar cheese, tomato, and special sauce. If you’re ever in the area come by the Tomahawk Restaurant in North Vancouver. But if there was some debate about the outfit that Hammer Head had on, there can be no question that Walrus Man is wearing a jumpsuit.

  2. Just finished the show. Happy Happy.

    I would like to think that Kenner decided to go with Blue limbs on Walrusman because the new 9 figures had to be different in colors, not just characters. They probably figured out that the first 12 figures were extremely bland in color (Let alone most of ESB-ROTJ was bland) and spiffed the colors up for the newest 9.

    Snaggletooth was red, Luke X-Wing was orange, Greedo was green… so Kenner figured they can go to the blue realm with his limbs and make the figure stand out on it’s own rather than more orange.

    I hope this makes some sense since I worry about my writings. I have been up for almost 24 hours and it looks ok now, but not when I wake up.

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