\'Chive Cast Vintage Pod 28: A Tale of Two Tooggles

On this month of the ‘Chive Cast vintage pod Steve and Skye discuss:
-Two different kinds of A Snaggletooth known as Tooggle who may or may not be the Incredible Hulk,
-Celebration VI News like the 5 exclusives that are part of the Official SW Collectors Archive Party,
-We Share some vintage YouTube clips featuring some awesome mustaches, sketchy Jawas and the dark prince of lies,
-A Bluesnag Blueprint Nugget
– We unveil a new Segment. The Imperial Gunnery International Oddball Items of the month.
-In our vocab section we talk about the dented boot
-Detail the “Not for sale francis Trade”
All this and more on the 28th Vintage Pod!

Collector Showcase
Pryor’s Star Wars Bar
Great Vintage Fan Video

[podcast format=”video”]http://theswca.com/podcast/chive_cast_28.m4a[/podcast]

One thought on “028: A Tale of Two Tooggles

  1. Guys,

    I enjoyed the podcast, really one of the best yet. The market watch segment was very comprehensive and fun to hear your commentary. Keep it up!

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