Welcome to the ‘Chive Cast! In this episode Skye Paine and Stephen B. Danley discuss the newest news in the oldest toys:

  • Celebration V
  • Hasbro’s New ‘Vintage’ Figures (from a Vintage Perspective)
  • The Stairlight Phenomenon
  • The Newest Jawa Site

Along with our usual features: Market Watch, Nugget from the Archive, and the Yak To My Face Interview with the worlds number one B-Wing Collector.

Check it out and give us your opinions in the comment section, send us an email chivecast(at) gmail.com

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Jason’s Site

The Thread on Grant’s Stairlight

The Thread on Skye’s Stairlight

The Thread on Don’s Stairlight

The Unproduced Revenge 6-Pack on the Archive

3 thoughts on “001 The Inaugural Podcast is Up! ‘Chive 1

  1. Guys,

    I am excited to see this podcast. I just found it in March 2011. I am working my way through the episodes. I would love to participate in a segment. I have been a collector/fan since Star Wars came out. My area of focus has become Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, although I am a fan of all things Kenner. :)



  2. Hey guys, just going back to the start to catch up on all I missed. Considering the quality of current episodes, this one was really great!

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