Vintage Pod 30 (Classic): R5D4 – The Fatality Droid

Vintage Pod 30 (Enhanced): R5D4 – The Fatality Droid

In this months Chive Cast vintage pod
Steve and Skye muse on the unexpected importance of R5D4
We talk more about Celebration VI news, we discuss Gus and Duncan’s new book, Peruvian discoveries, Seth McFarlane’s movie and we submit the all new Top-5 segment for your approval.

What are your top 5 Star Wars figures of all time?

We interview R5 aficionado Alex Bickmore and he tells us what it is like collecting this robot and all about his surprisingly high midichlorian rate. We take a trip to the outer-realm and learn about cantina and R5 bootlegs with Joe Yglesias.

Our unloved item makes the parallel between R2D2 and Rebecca Black. All this and somehow more on the ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod!!!

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Dewbak Commercial
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3 thoughts on “030: R5D4- The Fatality Droid

  1. My top 5 Vintage figures are 5) Yak Face (Although I’ve never seen one personally) 4) Squid Head 3) Ree-Yees 2) Amanaman 1) And Han Solo in Carbonite. These selections are based on the quality of the sculpts, and in the case of HSC the extra playability of the Carbonite case. Honorable mention goes to the Gamorrean Guard and the Max Rebo Band (Does that count as one or three?). Obviously, the quality of the sculpts were vastly improved by the time of ROTJ.

  2. There are just too many vintage figures to like to limit them to my favorite 5. I can’t really do it. Orange snake Yoda, blue Snaggletooth, Jawa (cloth and vinyl cape), Vader, Chewbacca,…can’t limit my favorites to just these.

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