Vintage Pod 34: Disney and Fett (Enhanced)

Vintage Pod 34: Disney and Fett (Classic)

November’s ‘Chive Cast vintage pod is unlike any other! The recent news of Disney buying Lucasfilm and new Star Wars movies was too big for Steve and Skye to handle alone so we called in the big guns and created a roundtable of vintage Star Wars star collectors from the Star Wars Collectors Archive, Gus Lopez, Chris Georgoulias, Ron Salvatore and Tommy Garvey.

We talk about the potential ramifications of the new movies on the market, discuss what it means to become disneyfied and reminisce about the mid 1990s.

But that is not all! We keep the roundtable around to talk about the figure of the month… none other than Boba Fett himself. You ever curious how the Rocket Fett got its name? How many of them are there? How they became worth in excess of 20 thousand dollars? About how they were discovered in Cincinnati What is a j-slot? We also have a bi-nugget and a multi-factorial unloved section: candy heads, underoos and cake pans oh my!

All this plus as much Dash Rendar, Sio Bibble and Dr. Allen Grant news as you can take on the ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod.

Rocket Fett Art
12″ Johnston Based Art
Macabre Artifacts of the “Toy Death”

One thought on “034: Talkin’ Disney & Fett with the Vintage Luminaries

  1. Loved this episode for a variety of reasons (not the least of which is that Fett is my favorite character), but I have to say, I really DID enjoy the discussion of “Shadows of the Empire” a lot. It’s not something that gets talked about much, and it was fascinating (and funny) to hear everyone’s thoughts on some of the tie-in items.

    Surprising stat: More than sixty-FIVE Rocket Fetts exist? Who knew?

    Keep up the great work, gents.

    — Shawn

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