One thought on “Nugget – CAP2

  1. CAP-2 was one of the only mini-rigs that made any sense or looked like it belonged in the Star Wars universe. As children we figured that if Boba Fett had his own ship, then the rest of the bounty hunters should too. Since the picture on the cover suggested that this was Bossk’s ship, that’s what it became.
    We read someone that Trandoshans hunted Wookies, and this ship with its claws and trap door seemed suited to the job. The suction cups made it possible to hang anywhere you wanted and was a great play feature.
    I had a friend who swore that he saw this ship in some small corner of the screen during ESB.
    I know canon says that Bossk flies the Hound’s Tooth, but I would like to see a larger scale version of the CAP-2 show up on the Clone Wars cartoon.

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