The SWCA Vintage Pod 37 (Classic): Muppet-Show Luke and the Great Toy Caper

The SWCA Vintage Pod 37 (Enhanced) : Muppet-Show Luke and the Great Toy Caper

Skye and Steve open this months issue with 35-year-old breaking news about the ’77 Early Bird Set; spend much time discussing Luke’s ESB fashion sense and the huge UZAY bootleg discovery; Skye interviews Star Wars Podcasting Legend Jimmy Mac and Fanboys director Kyle Newman in our longest interview ever!

Plus, Chris Georgoulias explains “box flats” and toy shop scrapbooks in our vocab; we limelight Bespin Luke foci new and old; and our unloved item is filled with fragile banks. All this and somehow more on the Star Wars Collectors Archive Vintage Pod!

One thought on “037: Muppet-Show Luke and the Great Toy Caper

  1. In regards to when luke changed into his fatigues, I think he’s wearing them underneath his x-wing flight suit. See the scene back on hoth where luke is suiting up and making small talk with 21-b, zipping up his flight suit when he says, “well forget the smaller units, there’s still plenty of time…”, You can see for just a moment a tan shirt, presumably his fatigues underneath. This would make sense because it’s so cold on both that it would make sense to dress in layers, and explain his easy change of wardrobe on dagobah.

    I imagine that the fatigues where probably available to luke as alliance issue which they have acquired from some military surplus source. Other rebels may have them but we didn’t get to see them with them on in an environment relevant to wearing them. Or, for all we know, some of the rebels might have been wearing those fatigues under their hoth snow suits. Those hoth suits do feature a lot of tan also..kind of a similiar fashion sense.

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