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No Longer A Sidekick - Amos Paine
Acrylics on Canvass
The painting depicts the fictional moment aboard the Death Star when Chewbacca stops the Mouse Droid that has so aggravated him. The heroic, yet restful, pose underscores the quiet self-reliant strength at the heart of the character. The strong vertical lines emphasize his height, while the horizontal of the crossed arms shows his calm confidence after his victory in battle.

In the Star Wars universe we are constantly reminded of the contrast between the organic and the mechanical. Amos has included this dynamic in his composition. The black, grey, and white of the Death Star fails to contain and suppress the earthy weight and warm tones of the resistant and proud Wookiee.

This is a work with a strong personal connection to me. My brother painted it and presented it to me before my wedding in which he was the best man. A decade earlier I had been his best man, and it was at that point that I felt like his sidekick and adopted the Chewbacca focus that gave birth to this collection. Only now when writing this article do I realize that he has actually incorporated some of my own features into Chewie's face.

Accesso: Galleria degli Ch'Uffizi