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What is the "Ch'Uffizi"
The Ch'Uffizi is the wing of the Chewseum that showcases fan art and fine art of Chewbacca. The only criteria are that it be an unlicensed work of art featuring our Wookiee. We are always actively searching for submissions. Be it ceramic, fabric, ink, or paint, we want to show the many artistic representations of this character.

The thought is that eventually there will be hundreds of works here, and that they will all show something interesting and add to the many different plastic representations featured elsewhere in the Chewseum. It is not just about a collection, but also about the thousands of ways of portraying the same difficult to depict fictional being.

The physical location of the Ch'Uffizi is in the former tool shed of the real Uffizi in Florence, Italy. We are open once a week, during the Museum's regular hours on Monday, so stop on by if you are ever in Italia and want to check it out! Abodanza!

Accesso: Galleria degli Ch'Uffizi