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Life Day - Bill Cable
Pen and ink
The Chewseum is proud to present "Chewbacca in Life Day robes" by Bill Cable. This work was commissioned for the Chewseum and is the finest piece of art associated with the Holiday Special in 28 years. The Star Wars Holiday Special is infamous, but here at the Chewseum, we have nothing but appreciation for this Chewbacca-centric story. The climax of the story is the Wookiee holiday festival entitled "Life Day." After a tear-filled goodbye to Art Carney, Chewie and his family slip into their red ceremonial robes and grab a clear orb.

Cable has chosen the solemn moment just before Carrie's Fisher impromptu speech and song about the meaning of 'life day' to show Chewbacca in regalia. Solemnity is the dominant mood in this piece. This can certainly be seen when it is compared with the other Djeraik playing Chewbacca that Cable drew and the Custom Carded featured in the Ch'Uffizi. Creating anything solemn from the Holiday Special is quite extraordinary, yet it has been achieved through this complex work.

Accesso: Galleria degli Ch'Uffizi