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Droids - Chewbacca - Bill Cable
Cardboard, bubble, art supplies
What Bill has done here is create a vintage figure that does not exist. For years, the vintage Chewbacca collectors dream of having an animated style Droids card went unfulfilled. Seen here lifting animated bad guy Tig From high above his head, Chewbacca is shown in his raging majesty.

The true feat of this work is not just that it is visually interesting and comical, but is in the way in which he stays faithful to the Droids style. One way he does this is by avoiding squiggle lines to indicate movement, and instead implying motion through he complicated stances in his figures. The prominent presence of Chewbacca's shadow is another throw back to the shadow happy cardbacks of the Kenner line. The interplay between simplified elements and highly detailed elements is yet another Droids' hallmark. The simplicity can be seen in the bare walls, but the finely detailed ridge along the bar provides a more complicated environment. All of these similarities make this cardback both fascinating as a piece of art, and convincing as an imitation of a forgotten style.

Accesso: Galleria degli Ch'Uffizi