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Chewbacca Sketch - Jeff Chandler
At the grand Star Wars Convention in 2004 that was known as Celebration III, there was a room for artists. Renowned Star Wars sketch card artist Jeff Chandler was taking commissions at the beginning of the convention and then returning them by the end.

From a compositional stand point Chandler shows a clear mastery of the space and its limitations. He makes the figure seem larger by placing it over the brown color field, and in turn makes that space seem more expansive and lighter by the addition of the random red orbs. The interplay between the figure and the imposed text neither hurts the art, nor obscures the writing, showing that he understands what he is working with.

The high demand on the artist necessitated that this could be done quickly, so there is a great economy of line. Instead of drawing the background a certain color and giving Chewie his proper hair color, he has inversed it. Thus, the blue on his face does not seem wrong with the brown in the back. He put the most amount of work in the mouth, which is the where the eye is drawn naturally. This exquisite sketch probably took no more than five minutes to execute, but its effect is not diminished.

He was particularly nice to me, as I share a name with his daughter. Though the androgynous nature of my name is a constant source of mild embarrassment, I like to think that he put a little more into this one.

Accesso: Galleria degli Ch'Uffizi