BACK Empire Strikes Back Palitoy 45 Back A: "Bounty Hunter Offer"

On the left you see the beautiful Palitoy 45 Back with Bounty Hunter Offer. It was the last British cardback to feature the old red, white, and blue Palitoy logo, and as such, it is highly sought after.

It is fascinating that they adopted the Blue and Yellow circular offer motif across the pond. In fact, they never used anything else as this was the first and last offer that appeared on the front of a Palitoy Card. What could be better than an offer that was not available in America that was also wicked cool? Who doesn't want to become a Bounty Hunter?

(Click here or on the picture for an insane-o close up of cardfront)

Thanks to Super O.G. Chewie Collector Todd H. who had to go all the way to England in order to find this piece.

The back features the same photograph from the rest of the 45 backs with the same pictures. What makes it British (beyond the tea-cup stain) is the outstanding special offers. They gave English youth the chance to get old headwound Dengy, a Survival Kit, or a Darth Vader case. So, really, you have three offers on the same card.

Plus, in order to get them, you got to become a Bounty Hunter. Nothing captured chilren's imaginations more than the line up of those mysterious rogues on the deck of Vader's Star Destroyer. Sure, they didn't do anything but whine about money, growl, or say absolutely nothing while remaining completely motionless, but still, they sure looked cool.

Finally, Bounty Hunter logo with the Boba Fett helmet is one of the most iconic images in vintage Star Wars collecting.

You can see a close up of it (with the rest of the card) by clicking here or by clicking on the card for insane-o close up.