BACK EMPIRE STRIKES BACK KENNER 45 Back A: "Display Arena Offer"

Here is the run of the mill production version of the much touted (on this site, at least) Kenner "Display Arena Offer." Though it is not rare compared with the rest of the items featured here, it was the last American Carded Chewbacca variation I found in 5 years of looking. I have seen a few more since then, but they are still relatively rare.

It is unfortunate that the Kenner logo is covered by the price tag, but it is nice to have a reminder that these toys were actually sold in stores!

Also, I don't know why, but Chewie looks particularly happy in his bubble. Looks less like a menacing growl and more of a goofy smile.


Looking at the back here we might want to take a look at the "Action Figure Display Arena" itself. I guess that in 1981 "Arena" meant "cheap plastic stands with out of scale photos." They do seem quite pleased with themselves that you can interconnect the stands many ways. How that would increase the play value is not clear to me.

It may also bore you to note that Chewie is number 39 and in a Cantina Alien sandwich. He is somehow splitting Greedo, Snaggletooth and Hammerhead from their Walrus Man buddy.

Hmmm, I just noticed that the figures are divided by movie. The Empire figures start at 1 and end at 26 with the with the other 19 Star Wars characters going from 27-45. I guess that the minor change in 3PO and R2 made them worthy of inclusion with the cool new kids.