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Imai Monster Series

See The Curator putting the Model together on YouTube...

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Imai Front

You see here the Imai Monster Series "Chewbacca" figure in all its glory. It appears to be shooting fire from its mouth. It appears to be wearing a hula skirt and a bra. It is the great Cyborg Chewbacca!

This was given to me by my friend in Japan, John Hallam. Here is what he said about the piece, since he knows more than I do:

"It's a toy kit from Imai's Monster Cyborg series. Other "monster" characters include a goblin, brontosaurus, skeleton, etc. Don't ask me how a skeleton can be a cyborg but that's the rather ambiguous and bizarre premise behind the line! I'm guessing these were released in the late 70s/early 80s. I'd put my money on the late 70s judging by the still fairly elaborate artwork, figure type, and theme but I don't know for sure.

Imai often prepared back stories for their original character lines, but this one just says things like, "there are lots of different ways to have fun with this character!"


Here you see examples of the other monsters. Strangely absent is any other Star Wars Character. Instead you have a Skeleton, a traditional Japanese Demon figure, an alien, and good old Chewie.

Imai Side

Imai Side 2

The directions were surprisingly easy to follow since they used roman numerals. Make sure to see the video of me putting this baby together!



Hmm....Doesn't exactly look like the super cool thing on the box. Maybe I'm supposed to paint him like the one on the side of the box? All black and silver? What adventures must our poor Wookiee have gone on to wind up in this outfit with these colors. This is indeed a strange universe.

The Box said that there are "Lots of different Ways to have fun with this character" please send me suggestions as I have yet to discover more than one.

Special thanks to John Hallam, whose only stipulation for giving me this beaut was that I construct it.

Also thanks to my brother in law Matt, for making the video.

Also thanks to the entire country of Japan who could only have come up with this.