toyfactory lofts


The Address above was found on all Canadian Star Wars Toys in the vintage era. Like its southern counterpart in Cincinnati, the site no longer functions as a toy making headquarters. Instead, it has been turned into upscale lofts. To the right you can see the old factory and office site.


The doorway proudly declares the heritage of the building. In the reflection of the window you can glimpse Jim McCallum who took me to this building in addition to literally writing the book on Kenner Canada.


Here I am in front of the sign, mirroring the Kenner street shot found in the Cincinnati tour. Not quite sure why I'm doing the "teapot," but there you go.

As a bonus round, you can jaunt about 400 meters down Liberty Avenue and find a headquarters of Nelvana Animation Studio. This was the company that produced the famous and somewhat infamous "Droids" and "Ewoks" cartoons of the mid 1980s.