The Kenner Morgue

Hasbro Building F, at 2950 Robertson Ave  

Finally, we reach the real hotspot in the Kenner tour. This was the location in Cincinnati where Kenner (and then Hasbro) threw out thousands of dollars worth of pre-production material. Employees would come out and dump the stuff in a dumpster in front of this backdoor. Enterprising collectors would wait and then pick it clean.


In order to assure an equality between friends, divers Zac Schneider and Dan Flarida would meet at the crack of dawn at a very specific Gold Star Chili restaurant down the street. After having eaten, they would go together at the same time to start their hunt. Never has eating chili on top of Spaghetti been so noble or profitable.


This garage-like door was where Kenner and Hasbro would bring materials in to be photographed. Back in the day you could peek in and see photographic set-ups for catalog shoots. Then they would be unceremoniously dumped.



The side of the morgue has this additional dumpster with the warning that you are being filmed. I presume that is why the Hasbro sign has yet to be stolen. Or, at least, that is why I did not steal it.



In this clutter is a veritble treasure waiting to be unearthed. When the Billy Zane vehicle, "The Phantom" was released, Kenner had the honor of making the toys. Amid this trash is an enormous Toy Fair display for the toy line. For over eleven years collectors have marveled at this hunk of garbage and thought two seconds before saying..."nah".


This sign for the Oakley Commerce Center may be the only remaining sign in Cincinnati that still says "Kenner."