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What is the Chewseum?
This site is a museum dedicated to Chewbacca and Chewbacca memorabilia. From the vintage era to the modern, the Chewseum is in the process of cataloging every piece of merchandising containing Chewbacca. To what purpose? To study the general scope, style, and effect of the Star Wars merchandising juggernaut, while specifically studying how Chewbacca is presented. How does one portray a 7 foot monkey/man/bear/dog in small plastic?

This is an information site as well, as Star Wars merchandising is quite intricate and varied. By focusing on one major character, we get a clear cross section of the phenomenon. Additionally we are just crazy Chewie collectors. Check out the video below to see an example of the dizzying assortment of our Wookiee.

If you do not see the movie install quicktime

As you can see, this video shows a wide range of toys. Each ot these toys (and many more) are shown in the different galleries divided into sections. Vintage, Modern, and Monstrosity. The Monstrocity gallery represents the many badly conceived Chewies, often, they were bootleg figures. The fourth section, Miscellany, contains many various things (check out: goo-ie chewie) to amuse and delight the more casual visitor to the museum. Sound clips like this one from the Muppets ( ) are there, as well as different videos and features like the Vintage Wookiee World Atlas. This atlas shows the global ramifications of the Star Wars films and its merchandising during the vintage era.

Explore the site, and visit the Chewseum again and again.

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