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From the lab...

Step One:
Purchase a VOTC Chewbacca figure. This bubble is the perfect size to go over an Uzay Chewbacca bubble, which is seems to be a standard (though not uniform) bubble for the line. It is wide enough, long enough, and just the right height to fit into an acryrlic case from Oscar.

Step two:
Carefully remove the bubble from the VOTC Chewbacca with maximum care.

Step three:
Prepare a warm (but not too hot) bath of hot water in which to soak the newly liberated bubble.

Step Four:
Using a sharp knife, gently rub the edges of the VOTC bubble underneath a faucet with hot water, casually applying soap as necessary. This is the hardest phase, as you have to gently rub/scrape away ever remaining piece of paper on the waffle patterned bubble.

Step Five:
After letting the bubble thourougly dry, you are now ready to place the clear modern bubble over the cracked bubble you want to protect. The size of the second bubble is small enough to snuggly constrict the cracked bottom, and strong enough to support the weight of the figure.

Step Six:
Carefully place the figure with the Bubble Dubble in the custom acrylic case from Oscar's Custom Acrylic Cases.

Step Seven:
Once in the case, find a small plastic wedge, we used a small piece of the outer clamshell of the VOTC Chewie folded once to provide slight pressure. In the second photo you can see the final location of the wedge, inbetween the outside bubble and the plasic rail of the Oscar case. This will keep the bubble in place, without touching the original bubble or the card.

Voilà! You now have a fully supported bubble! This is a solution that is completely removeable and non-invasive. It leaves no trace on the original card. Because the second bubble is clear, it still displays well. I have tested this one out by displaying my tragically cracked Uzay vertically for over a year and a half, and the crack has not gotten any larger. I would assume this would work with other cracked bubbles that need support, but fortunately I have never had to test it again. Also it would be an effective transportaion method for fragile bubbles.

Please email us any results from, or thoughts on, the Bubble Dubble method.
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