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courtesy of Ames Research Center Moffett Field, California
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Crater E#45
feature sources Dayton Daily newspaper archives and email submission from Wesley March

In the summer of 1983, Dr. Francine Desinges was teaching a graduate level Astonomy class on Lunar Topography at the University of Western Ohio. Every Tuesday, the class would meet at the Kreesge Astronomy lab where the University possesed one of the most powerful telescopes in the state. Near the end of the three hour seance on the 2nd of August, MA candidate Wesley March noticed something remarkable. He noticed that there was a crater on the moon that resembled the popular science fiction character "Chewbacca." He immediately brought this to the attention of Dr. Desinges, who was only vaguely aware of the popular icon. She immediately dismissed his finding, as it the Crater E#45 had alerady been named and catalogued over 70 years ago.

However, the story did not end there. As it happens, the topography of crater E#45 had changed considerably since it was first named. Additional space object impact sites and the savage winds of the southern hemisphere had taken their toll on the landscape and changed the face of Crater E#45.