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courtesy of Ames Research Center Moffett Field, California
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Crater E#45:
"The Chewbaca Crater"

The professor submitted her findings to the International Astronomical Union (IAU), and they cataloged the crater with a new markation. It was now Crater E#45 CH. The CH was of course for "Chewbaca." It was mispelled in the original submission by Dr. Desinges, who unfortunatly did know know any better.

Thanks to a well placed article in the Dayton Daily, the story picked up some local press. Return of the Jedi was still in the theaters and everyone was still suffering from "Star Wars" fever. Thanks to the pop culture atmosphere in America this little "crater story" spread across the nation. Soon all the world was looking up to the sky to find Crater E#45 CH, which was now only known as "The Chewbaca Crater." Though only visible during very specific conditions, Chewie is still visible throughout most of the summer. When asked about the phenomenon she created, Dr. Desinges once said "I only wish I spelled his name right!"

please note: this is fictional