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open that vintage...?

Step One:
Hand sweet unpunched, tasty clear bubble, SW 21A back Greedo to small child and see what happens... keep it in star case for a fighting chance...

Here is a way to make "vintage" playable, in general take a VTSC Greedo and cut out the new figure from the back, keep that bubble clean and tight, then whip up a 20 back, offerless of course :) or use one if you have an extra, add loose vintage figure put it in an star case then make any vintage collector nervous when you toss it around... or even hand it to a baby.

Free the figure Part 1:
Get a VTSC Greedo (or any VOTC figure you also have loose vintage of) and cut them free from the bubble. Work from the back, use a sharp hobby knife and double check the alignment of the first cut from many angles. The goal it to get near the edge of the colored background but not the silver border. After that cut out the whole panel.

Free the figure Part 2:
After cutting out a panel you need to get into the second bubble, I used small scissors so I did not scrape the outer bubble. Cut the inner bubble a bunch, along limbs and around the head.

Carefully pull the figure out, it takes some force but try not to tear up package. Then cut up the inner bubble some more to pull it out.

Detail the cut:
The cardboard is thick so it is a bit hard to cut cleanly, if you trim it up after the first cutout the opening will be less noticeable from the front. Since you can open up the package and pull out figure the edges will get scuffed over time anyway.

Cardback Part 1:
If you have a original cardback it may work well. By putting the whole package (front and back into a star case it will hide the edges.

Or you can make one. First scan the back of the VOTC card (at least 150 dpi if possible) it will give you a size template and the color of the background behind the figure.

Cardback Part 2:
Maybe the hard part, find a high quality cardback image, I used a photo (130 dpi 200k 21 back) of one from the this site, but a scan may of worked better, anyway try to match what ever image you get with the scan of the modern for size then print it out. Also use a high quality photo paper so the colors look good.

Then trim it down to the size of the card, use the card to align. And then trim the corners to round them.

Cardback Part 3:
To hide the non black edges - color the them with a black marker i.e. sharpie. Marking both sides seems to help add to the illusion.

Figure background:
One of the last parts is to print out a color rectangle of for the figure background, use the scan to color match it. Then a tape it to the "back" of the cardback.

Have a funtime:
Put it all together. Take a vintage figure and clunky large star case a put the parts together. I don't seal them because its fun to go and open it back up.

Warning this may lead to a urge to open vintage.

Please email us any stories from, or thoughts on, open that vintage...?

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