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The Basa Doll

On the left you will see the smiling face of the Peruvian 15" Basa Doll. In the detail shot you can see that he is quite cross-eyed. You may also notice that he is in rough shape. Well, that is because there are less than a handfull of these known to exist in private collections. This is also why he has no box, no bandolier, and no bowcaster!

On the right you see two interesting details of the Basa. On top there is the back of the figure with the Country of Origin stamp that has been scratched out. In fact, it was made in Peru, but not with a unique mold. Instead, they just cast the figure using the Kenner original. This takes us to the second photo, where we see old Chewie's nether regions with a hole from where the mold was poured. (ouch)






Since the Basa was molded directly off a Kenner production figure, it was slightly smaller. You can see the size difference on the photos on both sides. The Peruvian also seems slightly darker.

Not only is this figure rare, but Basa items in general are difficult to locate. The Star Wars Collector's Archive has a few items that show the company's logo, but like the doll here, the condition is not too impressive.

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