While I intend to master this game in the coming year and provide many more scans, for now it will suffice to leave you with the unspeakably awesome image below...


Seriously, is their any better picture of Chewbacca in existence? Always thinking with his stomach. His big, fat, orange stomach. Plus what is that coming out of his bowcaster? Is that lightning? Milk? And what is up with his hair? He looks like a crusty old Hells Angel from New Hampshire.

I also find it interesting that he is called "Chewie" in this piece. It seems as though the game dates from the late 70s, and it thus seems pretty early to have his nickname. I wonder if it is because of a pronounciation difficulty. In Argentina, at least, his name is pronounced "Chew-wacca," and perhaps there is a similar confusion here. It is worth noting that this is the same game that has "Princesa Lehia" and calls C-3P0 a "Soldado Rebelde".

- "Oh and what army?

- "Me, with my army of effeminate robot Rebel Soldiers!"

Click below to see the image of 'Chewie' on the front-cover of he box...

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