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International ROTJ Cardbacks: European Countries

Here is the end of the line, so to speak...

This Palitoy 70-back figure is known as a "Tri-logo" for evident reasons. By sacrificing nearly all conventional aspects of the Star Wars design they were able to make one card for many countries. The floating name plate has been replaced by the anchored name oval on the bottom. The assortment number has been replaced by the long list of child warnings. Where the child warnings once lay comes the unfurling of the logos.

One by one they cascade down the cardfront, going strangely from right to left. The logos that we have seen on the individual cards are smushed together, but not without some style. The letters and the racetracks blend together. As always, the strong and untranslatable "JEDI" remains the visual anchor being repeated three times. The similarities between the French, English, and Spanish word for "return" become wuite apparent when seeing them together like this. This is no coincidence, as they are all derived from the same word in Old French "retorner" and then from latin "tornare."

Also the differences between the various ways of saying "of the" seem to jump out. Two letters in French, three in Spanish, and two words in English.

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The problem to me is not that the tri-logo is bad, but that it brought an end to the small variations we have seen on this tour.

Yet, there is at least one fascinating thing that the Tri-Logo unexpectedly brings back to us. Look closely at the age warnings in Spanish, French, and English. Notice anything? Though this was released for European consumers, the age warning uses the same wording of the North American colonies and not of the European colonisers. In other words, they used the wording from the American, Canadian and Mexican cardbacks instead of the wording from the British, French, and Spanish cardbacks. What is the deal with that? How did that happen and what does it mean?


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