Bi-Logo/Sexlingual VERSION

As Chewseum fans know, I am keenly interested in linguistic differences between different international releases. With pieces like the one to the left, this feature could be considered to be a companion piece to my interesting (if not pedantic) No Translation for Jedi feature.

Perhaps the necessity of multiple languages prevented the designers from including the assuring "Toy" next to "Energizer." That, or European kids are less likely to mistake a 2 cent piece of plastic for an authentic petroleum delivery device.

Interestingly, the three languages of the logo are the typical French, Spanish, and English, yet the content information and age warning are in French, ITALIAN and Spanish. (see below)


On the other side, you have even more languages! With the single English logo you see the content information and age warning in English, German, and Dutch. It is a virtual summit of the European Union on this box. (Without the idealism and mingling underlying currents of hope, disappointment, and supranational pride)

I believe that it is not a coincidence that the English logo is accompanied by the German and Dutch text instead of the French, Italian, and Spanish. I believe it is because, in general, Germans and the Dutch have a higher level of English than in the other three countries.

A special detail is the "Special Buy 49p" that firmly places the place of sale for this international toy of mystery in Great Britain.



Note that the "hose side" of the bi-logo box (to the left) does not contain information on how to use the VME like it does on the other three versions. Instead of translating that confusing mumbo-jumbo they have a simple French origin notification.

Similarly to the right, where the American box tells us how to set up our "work base" they simply include the English origin notification. Bummer, I'd love to know how to say "work base" in six different languages.


On the right, you see the top of the box. Normally, this image is found on the back of the box, but the need for 6 languages and 3 logos forced them to put it on the top.