As always, Mexican company Lily Ledy brings us something funky. Unlike the Europeans, the Mexicans dare to translate "Vehicle Maintenance Energizer." Yet, they do not translate "Toy" into "Jugete." The translation is not exact either, as the Spanish text loosely translates back into English as "Mobil Restimulating Unit." Thats hot.

Also note that they use the word "Regreso" instead of "Retorno" like the do on the bi-logo version. (this difference is echoed in the carded figures seen in this feature).

Finally, their list of contents is much more specific:

Where the English text says that it has "2 Energizer Hoses," the Mexican text claims it has "2 Fuel Hoses"


Not much to say here, but it is great to see all this Spanish text. It is worth noting that the toy has a different number in Spanish than it does in English. Also, the toy inside has a sticker that says it was made in Mexico, despite the fact that the "Made in Hong Kong" stamp is still visible.




The "hose side" of the box seen to the left gives similar instructions as the English box, yet it seems cooler in Spanish...

Also notice the detail below where they mistakenly put a space betweet "Lucas" and "Film."

It is worth noting that the Lily Ledy logo is present on every side of the box yet it varies from white to blue.